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MIG was formed in 2007 as MIG Construction Services. The name changed to MIG Steel Fabrication in 2014 and  has quickly grown to become a leader in steel fabrication solutions in West Tennessee.

MIG Steel Fabrication began as a fabrication service to the larger family of Manufactures Industrial Group subsidiaries  with 1,800 employees at 6 locations in the state.

Since entering the industrial, commercial, and medical construction markets, MIG Steel Fabrication has successfully completed projects ranging from large miscellaneous to heavy structural.

As a certified member by the American Institute of Steel Construction, MIG strives to provide steel fabrication “solutions”” to its customers. By that, we mean going beyond simply furnishing materials for division 5. On each project, we strive to become an integrated player in the success of a project by anticipating problems and coordinating solutions for the good of the entire project.

228 Rush St.

Lexington, TN 38351

Office: (731) 467-0434
Alina McCready:
717 S.Riverside Unit 1403
Memphis, TN 38103
Office: (731) 467-0434
Andre Gist :

Andre Gist:

12224 N Houston Rosslyn
Suite B

Houston, TX 77085

Office: (832) 758-1970