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MIG Construction Services LLC is a west Tennessee steel fabrication company that is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and is a minority business enterprise. Since entering the industrial, commercial and medical construction markets in 2007, MIG Construction Services led by CEO Andre Gist has successfully completed projects ranging from large miscellaneous to heavy structural ones.

As an AISC-certified fabricator, MIG strives to provide steel fabrication solutions to the construction industry. On each project, MIG strives to become an integrated player in the success of a project by anticipating problems and coordinating solutions for the good of the entire project.

Fabricating steel for construction projects is a multifaceted activity that can involve multiple suppliers. In the case of a unique elliptical, tapered tower that will punctuate the Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University, complex roll-forming and machining of the steel that will encircle the tower required subcontracting those functions to specialists.

These specialists then returned the components to MIG Construction Services for assembly. After assembly in layers, one inside the other, the components are taken apart and match-marked for shipping to the applicator of the sophisticated paint finish, then shipped to a storage yard until final shipment to the construction site for installation.

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Voortman V320C

Heres the new addition to the MIG Steel Fabrication arsenal of steel fabrication weapons, V320C plate processor.


MBDA Helps Largest Minority-owned Company in Tennessee


A strong competitive drive is what keeps Andre Gist thinking about how to parlay his success with Manufacturers Industrial Group (MIG), LLC into new ventures. Gist has the largest minority-owned business in the state of Tennessee. Today, he is considering how to diversify his $300 million business while branching out into foreign markets.

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UBR Spotlight: MIG CEO, Andre Gist


This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Contributor Dwyaine Betts Jr. talks with Andre Gist, Co-founder, President and CEO of Lexington, Tennessee-based Manufacturers Industrial Group L.L.C. (MIG), one of the nation’s largest Black-owned businesses. With 2011 revenues of more than $356.7 million, MIG is ranked No. 11 on the Black Enterprise 100s list of the nation’s largest Black-owned industrial/service companies.

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Building an enterprise

Mon 18 Aug 08 (nbGist1) Photo by Nikki Boertman. Andre Gist, of President CEO Manufacturers Industrial Group, tends to emails in his Memphis office Monday August 18, 2008.

Despite a busy schedule overseeing a $400 million enterprise, Andre Gist regularly travels to Memphis to oversee his company’s efforts to establish a presence in the local construction market.

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